Nightswarm, FilterChord, and Johnny Riot talk the Sony State of Play, Bugsnax, Total War Saga: Troy, and get political at the end like usual. 

Johnny Riot, Nightswarm, and FilterChord team up to bring you the latest news. Spoiler alert... there isn't much news!

Better late than never! Nightswarm and FilterChord join up to discuss - with heavy spoilers - the Last of Us Part 2. Only listen if you've finished the game or have no intention of playing in the first place, as we spoil basically every twist and story point throughout the game.

We are back this week to bring news of the release of Destroy All Humans, the recent Xbox and Nintendo game shows, and we make it 99% of the way through the episode without mentioning Cyberpunk.

Nightswarm and FilterChord are here to talk about the latest reveals and releases, including Ghost of Tsushima, Paper Mario, and Ubisoft.

From Full Sail University to Naughty Dog (with a few stops in-between), Andres has been working professionally as an animator for a few years and has already built up an impressive resume. To find more of his work, just search Andres Obelmejias and his Vimeo should be one of the top results!

FilterChord, Johnny Riot, and Nightswarm team up to break down the latest releases, news, and announcements.

Its a full house with Nightswarm, FilterChord, Johnny Riot, and Gootie meeting up to talk about The Last of Us, Iron Man VR, and getting spanked at work.

Johnny, Filter, and Nightswarm meet up to discuss the typical news and releases, but two days late! Don't worry, we brought insightful conversation. 

All four horsemen of the apocalypse are here with FilterChord, Johnny_Riot, Nightswarm, and Gootie. This time we talk about our hopes for Last of Us Part 2 and the Playstation 5 reveal event. 

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